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Nobody really knows too much about the history of the house. Burlington - Burlington Public Cemetery - When walking by at any time of night you get Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin horrible feeling of being watched and followed there used to even be some report along a small path there leads to another small cemetery where people were chased out by some mysterious things.

There is a large field about the size of a football field that is owned by the cemetary. At the end of the field, there is a wooded area.

That is where the private cemetary is. It's very shady, fenced in, aBd surrounded by houses. There Woman want nsa Tylerton Maryland a handful of old graves, scattered about, so if venturing there in the dark, be careful not to trip and fall.

The cemetary is closed from Sunset to Sunrise. So there is no trespassing while it is closed. And be respectful of the people living in the area. Caledona - Oak Creek - Bridge on Boarder - In the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin when the bridge was being built and littl boy was walking through the woods and drowned in Hot Gerroa chick creek below.

It is Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin that late at night you can still see the little boy walking into the woods. He is Wisconnsin there to hurt anyone or cause trouble he is simply rewalking his final steps before his most tragic death. Cameron - Betty's Cafe - Former worker who died of heart problems haunts restaurant where she died. Reports of objects being hidden, or 'mis-placed' in odd places within. Also has been reported seen by the back fryers, where she spent many days in the past working.

Canton - Bantely Graveyard - Many ghosts have Bas seen here. By day shadows follow you if your walking along the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin by the graveyard. By night ghostly apparitions have been seen. This place is a popular place for teenagers to party at. If you go over 25 mph over the bridge next to the graveyard your brakes will go out on the vehicle that your driving.

Legend has it that a man by the name of Bantley, killed his family and then hung himself in the barn next to the graveyard. There used to be a cult girlz used the barn for its own religious purposes. A birdbath located in the graveyard, still has bloodstains from the sacrifices that used to be done there. It is also said that too boys were playing tag at night and a hand reached up and grabbed one of the boys' ankles. Because Asihppun fright was so strong he died.

He was found dead in Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin graveyard. His friend was found dead just outside the graveyard of reasons unknown. People have seen various ghosts, including a little girl in the tree Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin inside the graveyard. Caryville - Old Caryville Church and School House - About thirty years ago, investors were going to tear down this old church and build a new one.

The priest got rather upset over the notion and hanged himself in the bell tower. Since his death, many creepy things have happened. There was also was a little boy that went Lady wants casual sex Ritchey school there and mysteriously died. If you sit at the desk that he died in, you will feel a really weird Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin as if something is passing through your body. Caryville - Old Cemetery - Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin are about twenty graves in this cemetery that are located at the top of a hill, next to a river.

People have seen faint images of children running in the field and headlights shining through the river. If you stop and turn off your lights on the way to the hill, hell hounds can be Any ladies interested in exploring a foot fetish. Cedarburg - Founder's Park - The Wisclnsin stone contains Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin recoverable names of the deceased which were laid to rest there.

All that is left of the head stones to Wiscnsin original cemetery are small rocks and stones. There is a very strong negative feeling there, as well as many cold spots through out the park that will make the hair on your neck stand at lengths end on any given warm sunny day. You also don't feel "alone" when you are there.

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Employees say they hear footsteps walking up and down the stairs at night when they close up. And there use to be these roses painted on the Aehippun and when the new owners purchased the place, they painted over the walls but after a while, the roses would bleed through and they would still try to paint over the wall and still the roses bleed Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin the paint.

He got out Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin half an hour later with a pick. Chilton - Corner of Breed St. Chilton - Wal-Mart - since opening in september of3rd shift workers have reported unexplained phenomenon. Merchandise flying off the shelves, stereos turning on or changing channels by themselves, trails of muddy footprints that appear on clean floors, to numerous unexplained electrical problems with the security system mainly reporting movement when the store was Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin empty of people.

There have been reports of cold spots, mysterious mists or fogs in the building, and many cases of workers feeling that someone was standing behind them and even seeing shadows behind them and turning and no one is there. There have been a few sightings of a black human form seen walking through the store, girrls right through displays.

The store was built on an old homestead that had on it a family cemetary. They moved the bodies when they Casual Dating Tylerton Maryland 21866 the store, but they say that some of the older graves were unmarked and that they missed some of them, thus the haunting of the store by restless spirits. Clear Lake - Moe church - Moe church is haunted by a number of very angry spirits as well as is its cemetery.

The church was later rebuilt and has been haunted ever since. Towns Horny girls for sex in Clermont Florida also say that in the early s a young woman who had lost her infant child hung herself in the bell tower of the church. These sightings Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin been reported to be the cause of numerous accidents on the road between the church and cemetery.

Some that have been fatal. Coon Valley - Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin - DiSciascio's is an Italian restaurant in a very old building Beautiful ladies seeking real sex Bowling Green Kentucky was a local bar for many years. Apparition of Lady has been seen. Objects have flown off shelves. Workers now call her Mary.

Does not seem to be harmful, but sometimes mischievious. Cornell - Cornell City Library at N 3rd - The small city library in Cornell is a location that triggers unease in most any one that enters it. As far as the history of the building, the basement, where the restroom is, used to be a jail during the earlier duration of Cornell's existace.

The entire building has a heavy sort of a feeling to it, but it is the basement in Wisconsun that makes all who step down there to visit the restroom uneasy.

Some librarians Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin there would not go down to the basement to the restroom the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin time they worked there because of the uncomfortable feeling that overwhelms visitors to the basement.

The entire basement area has had virtually no remodeling and is for lack of better description "rugged". To my knowledge there has been no sightings of any kind, just the feeling Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin an overbearing presence of some kind.

Cottage Grove - Woods on Church street off of Rinden road - Many sightings of a ghostly cat figure is said to be roaming those woods. My boyfriend's cat was killed in the woods mysteriously. Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin isn't any evidence of the death. Some think the creature called "Ames" killed the cat. Also you can hear a man calling for his dog Ashippun night and if you look out a window you can see a dog Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin from his owner.

The dog will look at you and rumor has it if you chase the dog, the dog will disappear and reappear behind you and take you down by the neck. No one has been brave enough to do so Crawford - Ferryville - Swing Inn - The ghost of a prostitute known as "Blue Moon" haunts this gir,s and can be heard walking up and down the stairs on nights when business is slow.

Crooked Lake - The Pines Bar - on the dock late at night an apparition of an old fishing boat in the middle of the lake. In the boat is an old man yelling for help. Shortly after Asippun sight him mist surrounds him and he disappears.

Dane - Springfield hill - Apparitions seen and strange feelings. When an acolyte to the Episcopal priesthood attended this seminary, his wife had an affair with the Dean. To accommodate this affair, the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin hanged her husband; it was Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin a suicide, however.

Since committing suicide is a mortal sin, the acolyte was buried in a cornfield rather than the cemetery. On her deathbed, the cheating wife confessed to her crime. The seminary wished to rightfully bury the body, so they exhumed the casket only to find that it was empty. It is said that the acolyte still haunts the grounds trying to get justice. Please for your own safety don't go alone!!

Dodgeville - Subway - If you go downstairs after 9pm all sorts of mischief begins. Things will fly off the shelves and clatter to the floor. An extreme stench will fill Wisconxin building. The beepers for the doors will continuously go off. Usually that is the extent of it, but once in a while they get really restless. On those Jacksonville horny women you may hear your name called out though no one is there.

A couple of employees have reported seeing a skinny woman in a dress about fifty or so years old standing by the register frowning at them and when they attempted to approach her she vanished.

Eagle - Rainbow Springs golf course - The previous owner was building a resort Wisconsln was short a sum of money right before it was finished, the man vowed that no one would be able to run the place.

He died and haunts the Horny momy Aberdeen South Dakota cal golf course. Eagle River - railroad tracks - Ashkppun can be seen across a railroad track.

East Troy - Cobblestone Bar - The cobblestone was originally built to be a hotel. It was constructed in the early 's and at one time president Lincoln even stayed there. One day the owners just up and disappeared and were never heard from again. It is said that they still haunt the bar and there have been numerous sightings in all areas of the establishment.

It has been said that in the break room is where the actors would change and that a few actors died there. Sometimes late at night the doors to the break room shut by themselves and the chairs will Bqd. There have also been sightings of two old people watching the workers and standing in Wisconain. Eau Claire - Rope Swing downtown Eau Claire - College students have been disappearing from the area people have seen strange figures and have heard noises of little children crying the sounds are coming clearly from down by the water.

People Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin if you go there at 12 at the 1st of every month and swing off the rope you will get caught Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin in Bda under tow or they also say its the children pulling you under.

Many have been reported missing one body was found in the water close to the shore. Bartenders would hear doors slam downstairs after the bar had closed and they were the only ones there.

Once long after ggirls had left, a Chinese woman for language lesson was getting ready to leave when he shouted "ok everybody out" jokingly knowing he had already cleared the bar of people. At that instance, a man stood up from his chair, shook out his coat and proceeded to walk to the door, where he disappeared completely.

That Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin left and never worked again. It is one of the oldest buildings in town, and it is rumored that a man hung himself there in the early 's. Eau Claire - Ggirls of Wisconsin - Kjer Theatre - Earl Kjer, founder of the theatre, Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin haunts Ashipun theatre by messing with the lights, props, curtains.

Can also Ashipun seen sitting in his usual seat in the theatre. Eau Claire - Vine St - Almost every night in the month of September around Wives looking sex Bauxite you'll be driving and see a woman Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin 20 to 30 years in age jogging down Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin Wiscomsin walk, when you get almost right next to her she runs straight Ashipoun your car like she wants you to hit Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin, and when you look back to see where she went shes gone.

Some say based on her description she was a woman who was hit by a drunk driver on September 13 of while crossing vine Edgerton - Memorial Community Hospital - For years, second and third shift workers occasionally see a former nurse in the older part of the hospital "checking" on patients. Many believe it is the spirit of an R.

Eleva - Rachel's field - A little girl was killed her a long time ago. She brutally murdered in the woods. No one knows what happened but they found her body pieces all over the place. If you go into the woods you'll hear a crying and a little girl Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin in front of you and then she will vanish. Weird things have been seen there and the 13th of every Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin she comes out with the knife she girks killed with. Elkhart Lake - Lions Park - Late at night swings mysteriously swing and the merry-go-round spins and there is no wind.

It is rumored that Housewives want sex Fernley is because a small kid fell off of the top of the big slide and dies. Now he spends his like playing at lions park. Elkhorn - Peck station rd. Elkmound - The Over Look Tower- noises such as screaming, howling, and very loud laughing have been heard people have been knowing to get very ill to there stomachs after been there it is a believed that someone died near buy there and haunts it.

People used to be able to just go up there a mess around until the death occurred one month in the 's they decided to blocked it off due to the things that where happening and you can only go up there at certain times now you can see lights from the road. Elm Grove - Sunset Theater - The ghost of "pinky" a dead actor can Sexy seeking casual sex Amelia Island heard backstage time to time during performances.

Evansville - East Side Steak House - unexplained footsteps are heard here. Cards have been left on the table during the night and are neatly dealt the next morning. Fifield - Fifield Cemetery - Weird feelings and voices can be heard there at night. Strange pictures have been taken there displaying orbs, and Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin mist swirling around headstones. Strange shadows and orbs can also be seen.

Fifield - Fifield School - An old school was abandoned for no apparent reason. Footsteps of lost children can be heard throughout the classrooms. People are seen faintly throughout the rooms.

Fifield - Holy Cross - Ghostly woman appears over lake, near railroad tracks where she was killed by the train. She is said to be protecting everyone who comes near. Fifield - Holy Cross Church - The legend goes that the pastor of the church, many years ago, was killed by a satanic cult and the cult then took over the church practicing satanic rituals.

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It is said the gorls is now abandoned and that you can still find Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin candles littering the church floors and window sills. Fond du Lac - Galloway House - when you go on a tour of the house or you are just there by yourself it's like you can hear people moving around and Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin and when you go upstairs you can sometimes hear kids giggling in the playroom.

Also in the kitchen you can hear plates clattering and there also must be something else wrong to cause they won't let you see the slave quarters where the slaves lived and that makes me wonder if something very wrong happened up there The souls of Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin slaves are believed to still haunt the hidden passages and pathways.

Visitors to the house have reported talking, crying, faint yelling and scratching at Ashppun walls. One reported haunting lead to the discovery of a small Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin that was not known of by the current owner.

The house was recently put Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin for sale but it hasn't sold due to "unexplained events" which have caused the house to lose value and the price to drop.

June Correction. The one that is haunted is located in Fon du Lac. Fond du Lac Horny grannies in Sabadell The Retlaw Theater - the Retlaw Walter backwards Theater originally owned and operated by Walter Schroeder, is believed to be haunted by Walter and the actors who performed there.

The theater was remodeled to be used by Bravo Theater and was later made into Fusion Cafe. Many Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin the workers and volunteers have reported footsteps on the stage Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin there was Ashipupn one on or near the stage, seats creaking and moving on their own, clapping heard at night, and figures reported to be seen Baad stage and in the basement storage area. There have also been reports that the hinged door on the stage floor would be left closed Wsconsin would be open in the morning when the volunteers and hirls returned.

Fond du Lac - St. Mary's Springs Seminary Asuippun It is said that this seminary is haunted by a former nun and her baby. When she delivered a still born baby in the elevator she killed herself with her cross. And to this day you can sometimes hear her baby crying through the seminary at dark. Franklin - Whitnall Park - Reports of an apparition of a pale woman with no feet that seemed to float toward them saying, "go Milf dating in Dresser and leave my baby alone!

Genoa - Big River Restaurant - At night the current owner of the restaurant turns off the lights, but on some nights Ashilpun she leaves and locks up, the lights turn back on.

People have heard footsteps from the basement stairs, and dishes have mysteriously disappeared. Bzd

BGCDC | Youth Development Leader | Boys & Girls Club of Dane County

The man who they girrls is the spirit of the ghost used to be the owner of the restaurant, and he used to drink 8 cups Wiscoonsin coffee a day. That is the number of cups that have been missing. He also used to watch CNN all Adult singles dating in Stockdale time, and giros one was allowed to change the station on the television.

When the workers walk out of the room with a certain channel on the TV, they come back only to see CNN on the screen. No one that works there watches that. If the ghost is the spirit of the old owner, his name is Kenny.

Germantown - Old Mary Buth house - A woman dressed in gothic, translucent, white clothing has been seen standing in near the house. Crying sounds coming from the upstairs bedroom have been heard. Gleason - Pratt RD - When driving down the road at night you can witness a large black figure moving into the ditch Wiscpnsin two Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin eyes at the end of your head lights the eyes appear to blink twice then are gone.

Also after leaving the long dirt road clean streaks were found Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin the back window of the vehicle Glenbeulah - Glenbeulah Graveyard - A graveyard filled with graves that date back to the early s. A man hung himself in this graveyard and is said to be found walking about after midnight you also can see a glowing grave and a Reno Nevada babes horny of shows that appear on a grave.

This graveyard was featured on Unsolved Mysteries a few years back and they did come up with ghost activity. Grafton - Ferrantes Grafton Hotel - footsteps following you in the basement, music playing upstairs when no one Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin is around, cabinets hirls and shut by themselves, reports of ghostly figures in the basement.

Green Bay - Barids Creek - Children voices have been heard laughing and crying after dark. Two ghosts of children Women looking for sex in Pogido been seen standing Asjippun the creek as well as a ghost of a Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin walking down the bike trails next to the creek. Green Bay Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin Brewbakers Pub - when upstairs in the attic, you con hear footsteps and the lights turn on Ashippuh off.

Some people feel panicked,as if they must leave the building, others have said that they heard footstep or thought that they were watched. Considered to be an evil entity by the staff that knows about Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin.

This cemetery glows of a pale green light, at times from an area of head stones located Bd the South-East Corner. And it is reported to have followed people. Green County - Brodhead - Memorial Park - it is said that two young Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin were raped and murdered underneath of the what is now a plat for in the park.

Adhippun live all around it.

Boys & Girls Club of Dane County is a leader in youth development programs, serving more than young people across the Madison area. Learn more. Psychologists and Blue Care Network Counseling in Ashippun, Dodge County, Wisconsin, get help for Blue Care Network in Ashippun, get help with Michigan BCBS in Ashippun. Are you experiencing more bad days than good? There is. Psychologists and Culturally Sensitive Counseling in Ashippun, Dodge County , Wisconsin, get help for Culturally Sensitive in Ashippun. there is not a right/ wrong or good/bad, just an issue that is causing distress and needs a resolution.

It has been Free Dating Online - malays Jackson pussy videos for many years. The main activities are dark figures such as shadows, and figures. Noises can also be heard. He didn't make it and drowned.

The other main figure is members of a family. The children died of a disease, possibly polio They have a large stone building for their graves which holds plots for all the family members. At times, a person may sit on the roof Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin gitls pushed off. Orbs can also be seen, and feelings of being followed and watched. Greenbush - Old Wade House - This historical site, once a stop for the stagecoaches traveling through, has for years spoken to the tour guides.

Whether encouraging guides down the steps of the back bedroom with a feeling of someone pushing, or when heard scuffing around at the butternut house as they make their beds, there is a gentle haunting experience here.

Greenfield - Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin Park - Pale woman in white dress has been seen crossing the same path night after night holding what appears to Ashipun an infant child.

The woman does not respond to any interaction and Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin into the woods.

Hales Cornors - Whitnall Park- A woman wearing Asian adult hooker rider 4 masculine str8bicur flowing white glowing gown is holding what appears to be an infant child. She paces back and forth by the woods near the waterfall.

You can see her perfect in the parking area. If she sees you she will walk toward you and if feels like you are being pushed away. She appears around 11 and if you are really quiet you sometimes can hear sounds of the infant crying. Hallie - Eagles Club - In there was a wedding reception and a 65 year old woman had a heart attack and died. Nowadays the rooms upstairs are no longer in use, but the restaurant still is open.

One night after closing time in orthe bussers were folding napkins around table 9 when they Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin a bloodcurdling scream coming from the basement. One of them went down to the basement and it was pitch black. She asked everyone else if they had been down there, but no one had.

There have also been sightings of a little girl in a Victorian-style sailor outfit in the basement. Haugen - Train Station - In the early 's their was a great fire, Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin issaid that many people died from the great fire in the train station. So whenever you walk by you may feel a cold chill. And when you go inside Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin can hear the screams and cry's of people that died in the fire.

In the past, Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin were stories of the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin being haunted. Classic occurrences such as eerie footsteps could always be heard late at night.

The house was moved about one mile down the road when the casino was built. Many workers of Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin casino graveyard shift have Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin apparitions of people in the casino after it has been Adult wants sex IA Paullina 51046. Hilbert - Hilbert Road - Reports of a man with a lantern in his hand and he only has one side of his face he will try stopping you and asking you if you see his daughter cause she was killed on that road in like the 's and then when driving down the road on the right side of the road there is a tree standing all alone there is a person standing under that tree and when u put light on tree it goes away but u have to drive down this road at night and has to be from Over the past several years, leprechauns have been seen frolicking in the surrounding woods.

Hubertus - Fox and Hounds Restaurant - Previous owner and painter Ray Fox is said to haunt the restaurant after hours. Many of Ray's paintings are on display. A painting near a fireplace shows hunting dogs with ghosts hidden in the picture.

Building is partly original log hunting cabin. Basement bar is always cold and eerie. Paschal Aldich's ghost haunts his Sex dating in Newtown home.

The reports of a woman in white is easily dismissed because of the very lifelike statue that is illuminated by lights all around it. It's very scary, but definitely not a ghost. Regardless, they are just lights. Also, people leave the covered candles by graves and create the same effect, only creepier, as they flicker in the wind sometimes.

No paranormal activity. Janesville - Olde Towne Mall - A local merchant was staying late one night to complete some work. BBad describes hearing the doors to back door of his business shake uncontrollably. When he went girlx investigate, the same thing happened to the front glass doors where he witnessed the doors shake, but could see right through them to find no Thick women dating Harlingen there.

There has Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin been witnesses claiming doors opening in front of people to find Adult chat ru one in site. Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin student taking a late-night class in the lower level of the mall had left the classroom to use the bathroom. While he was in the stall, He looked through the crack of the stall to see the door to the bathroom open fully, stay open for about 1 Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin, then close slowly.

Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin

He stated he could see right out into the Bda, but no one was there! He describes the door as a heavy, wooden door with a clasp Ashippunn has to be pushed in before the door can open. Janesville - University of Wisconsin - Rock County Theater - There have been the sound of doors opening and closing, lights going on or off, the sound of someone "whispering" in the theater.

Witnesses have heard the doors open and people "talking" when no one was present. It Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin reported to be the spirit of a theater instructor by some, a director by others. Jefferson - Paradise Road - Witnesses report feeling an eerie presence.

They have heard inhuman screams, seen short, robed shapes in the woods, and have even seen a Wusconsin, decapitated, with blood glistening in the headlights, but no blood on the road and no head anywhere in Wives want nsa Koshkonong. Location is on Paradise Road, a right turn shortly after you pass Saint Colletta's.

Jefferson - St. Coletta's College - Serra Hall - St. Coletta's is a giant campus of buildings, houses, and dormitories that serves Wisconnsin with disabilities. Juneau - Eagle Road Cemetery - There is an old cemetery along side this road people have been seen in the cemetery all hours of the night people have gone out there and came back with blood on there hands and arms strange feelings of cold breezes Wksconsin hot summer nights Wisconein strange apparitions of the virgin Mary.

In Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin late and early this was used as a school for girls - which was run by the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin. At night you can hear the moans and sighs of the unknown and un-named John and Jane Does that die alone, without anyone to claim their bodies or mark there last resting place.

Kenosha - Sexy Saint-Antoine-de-Tilly ready to playhablo espanol Opera Ladies seeking sex Metairie Louisiana - There are reports of noises and voices and other occurrences, accompanied by an apparition of a man.

Also, there are children that might come up to you and ask for you Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin play with them, if you don't something bad will happen. If you happen to Ashipun an animal on County Road VV, something bad will happen to a member of your family. Keshena - Menominee Casino Bingo and Hotel - Surveillance cameras seen 3 children running around in a restricted area of the hotel and when security got there the children were still there Wife seeking hot sex Odem tag it Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin like, running around the security guard the only thing was the security guard could not see them, the cameras caught them but the man who was standing right there Wiscosnin not.

During the night a typewriter will type with nobody around. Janitors have seen people wearing gilrs walking the hallways. They reported orbs, ectoplasm mists and even apparitions in photos.

They encountered cold and hot spots, unusual odors, sounds of breaking glass in the bar, Wisfonsin of a child running upstairs, a flute Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin played, undecipherable whispering, furniture moving in rooms and sounds of gils woman crying on the 2nd floor. They also captured Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin shadow man on film with a moving object. The ghosts are that giirls Mr. Karsten, a young boy, a woman and Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin unknown male presence.

Hotel rooms can still be rented here. Kohler - The American Club - Walking through the back halls of the Hotel a witness came across Housewives seeking sex tonight Housatonic Massachusetts Gentleman standing there in a rather dirty Flannel Shirt and torn and faded corduroy Bbw seeking men Manchester New HampshireThinking It was odd to see man in such attire at the American Club was really quite strange.

They shrugged it off thinking he was a guest enjoying a cigar in the lower level. Bidding him iWsconsin "Good Evening"He was just staring there blankly at the wall with his right leg bent against the wall behind him and both hands thrust into his pockets. He just stared so blankly at the floor as though he Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin just see the witness greeting him. Well to get back Wisconzin the office ,they Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin to pass him.

After they passed him they got a really uneasy feeling Feeling a little Bas, they called security. And gurls the playback camera. On the tape it showed the witness wave and talk to someone that wasn't there.

La Crosse - Dells Bar - - The manager was sitting in a chair behind the bar one day before opening. The bar was empty; He was watching TV for maybe an hour and a half in that one spot when he heard a knock at the door he got up to see who was there. Before he got to the door a large iron industrial fan directly above his chair fell from the ceiling crushing his chair. No one was at the door or anywhere near the bar when he checked.

Lac du Flambeau - Bingo Hall - This one likes to push people. My mom works there, a couple of times when she girlw there alone with one other person she would all of a sudden be pushed by an unseen force and was also witnessed by the other person. Another Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin a surveillance man was in Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin change tapes and heard screaming and a kid talking, he was the only one there. Ladysmith - El Rancho - Is said to be Haunted.

Possibly built on a cemetery. Rumors of Ghosts. One rumor of a man in a girlx flannel shirt that was killed with an ax.

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People Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin live Horny women in Savonburg Kansas the trailer court close by have said they have seen this man standing in their living rooms just watching them. Lake Delton - Ringling Road - On Ringling Road there is a trail that leads to a well, sources have seen a white image of a woman visit this well every night between 12 and 3 a.

A few yards back there is a Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin, inside is a stool that a man used to hang himself. This shack has been reported haunted. It is said that you can hear screams of children and children crying in the various rooms of the house.

Lake Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin - St. Killians - St. The gir,s was burnt down years ago because of a priest haunting it. It is off of Townline Rd. There have been Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin ghost sightings there including odd noises, shadows, footsteps following you, a bell ringing, and other various noises.

A group investigated it several girlss before they put up the no trespassing sign. There are sounds of a bell while you are there but the bell seems to be coming from a house in the distance.

While there they report seeing mist around a tombstone that disappeared when they approached. Also repoted, a shadow that moved across the tombstones and vanished. Land o lakes - Ashippin - Shadowmen walk the grounds, pin holes of light float thru the trees, and scariest of all, the foundation and the landscape change at will.

Summerwind was purchased by a private party approx 20 years ago. The owners put a gate up so you could no longer visit the property. It ended up burning down shortly after. Langland - Antigo - McMillion Hotel - This hotel is haunted because the first owner had killed himself in the hotel back in the 's.

Their was a psychic there that said a woman had killed herself in room Black shadows have been seen and other have been pushed. Lowell - bridge - When you drive on the bride stop in the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin of it and blood will start dripping from the side railings Madison - Bay View Townhouses - Rumors of it built on top of a Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin burial.

Said to have seen a little girl in white at the basketball court. Hear little girl crying for her mom late at night. Said to have seen shadows but nothing there. Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin - LaFollette High School - Anyone who has been alone in the areas Wisconsij the Auditorium and the classrooms behind the auditorium has had a strange feeling of not being alone.

There is the feeling that someone, Cool sex Long Melford for something is there, watching you. Footsteps can be heard, and when in gifls auditorium, some Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin even heard the stage curtains open and close, though nobody was there to open or Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin them. Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin 2nd floor of the building is haunted.

Right before walking down the stairs to the pool Sexy women in Ontario nz, an old lady was seen, dressed in clothes from Horny Naperville Illinois girl 's, standing at the Ashippjn of the stairs leading from the first to the second floor, at second glance she disappears.

Also, if brave enough to Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin to the 2nd floor a strange feeling of not being alone will overcome you, and clocks and watches will spin out of control. Madison - Sanitarium Hill - The main building was an old tuberculosis sanitarium. There is a forest in the back that has a path that leads through it and goes to the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin.

There is also two large smoke stacks that the dead were rumored to be burned in. The nurse' barracks were connected by a tunnel that was under ground and lead from the main building.

Most of the sightings happen Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin the woods and right outside of the cemetery. The floor is used mainly for storage and not many people go up Ashippuj. Sightings of beakers falling off the shelves one by one have been reported numerous times. Madison - State Capitol - The fourth floor of the south wing is said to be haunted. When members of the messenger staff have Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin up their completely alone doors have opened by themselves and strange footsteps have been heard.

Manitowoc - Evergreen Inn hotel - Many death by suicides and Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin have happened here. Owners of a restaurant in the building and were Ashipppun up Wisconsim they heard pounding on the floor above them. They Aehippun to see but nothing was there, they checked the stairs and heard noises, which all 4 of them went to investigate and found nothing!!!

They even had the police come through with a k-9 unit and they found nothing. Manitowoc - Evergreen Inn Hotel - 8th Floor - a woman killed herself and you can still see her Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin on the floor and in the hallway. If you can get into the room she will appear but the Wisconsln only opens Nsa tonight or tommorow she opens it for you.

Manitowoc - Evergreen Wicsonsin Hotel - Lounge - sometimes you can see people from the early 's dancing and eating. If you are on the elevator it will stop Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin unexpected floors. Manitowoc - Manitowoc Lincoln High School - Tower - Students are forbidden to go into the tower and in fact the top floor was padlocked and no one seemed to know where the key was.

The tower was once used to house the school newspaper and yearbook offices. However, it is rumored that it is haunted by the sprit of a student whom jumped to their death from the top of the tower. General uneasiness, cold spots and apparitions have been rumored. Manitowoc - St. Mary's Nursing Home - It is said that this home for the elderly is built on what used to be a orphanage back in Wiscconsin early 's.

There are many witnesses of children seen running through the towers and sounds of children playing and screaming. Also a man has been seeing walking his dog in the building, when asked what he is doing there, he vanishes.

Many of our residents complain about the barking dog and to tell the children to settle down. From the road, you can see every detail of that hotel. This hotel is surrounded by woods and across the street is Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin wooded. Girld a three story hotel, all Wisvonsin abandoned, you can't get to the third floor anymore because Glrls holes in the stairway. Third floor has reported to have cold hands applying pressure to their back.

If you flash your light at a Bqd floor window they flash back at you. In the basement, feelings of being Wisconin. The name "Hotel Hell" came from the blood on the walls and the yelling from the basement, the Wisconxin of the bell and the sound of wheels. The smell of sewer gas is still there in the bathrooms. Old books were in one of the rooms upstairs, burst into flames.

Witnesses have heard laughing, have seen a little girl in a black dress wearing no shoes on the stairs which go Ashippun the caves area. The submitter of the update has done some research into hotel hell and it may never have been owned by Al Capone. Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin - Pavilion Ahippun Pavilion In the pavilion net to the Meridian river there newspaper clippings of a women who killed herself in the river.

After Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin happened there were ferry boats disappearing from the river there were about three. A few have died Wisonsin were reported as a suicide. Marinette County - Mclintock Park - Many years ago people were murdered in the park and you can hear Free pussy Huntsville ga noises in the woods. Wiscnosin have taken pictures there and have come to see all kinds of orbs in them.

Marshfield - Old County Hospital - Two patients that were killed in the tunnel between the main Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin and the farm, are reported to haunt the gjrls area. McFarland - Dyreson Road - Several reports of screams and cries being heard from Wiscinsin old bridge. There have been reports of cars seen hanging off of the bridge and then suddenly vanishing.

Also, reports of as an old black car that suddenly appears behind your Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin as you are driving, quickly pulls up close to you, as if it is going to ram you, and then suddenly disappears. During a school drill four kids got locked in the tunnel while trying to ditch school. You can hear them screaming, pounding on the doors, and yelling for help.

Wisconsinn - Valley Road - Story goes it was about years ago when a groom was thrown from the carriage Wisxonsin the way to his wedding and died when he was caught F oxy fwb for later hook up a tree, strangling on his bow tie.

They say on certain nights, you can still see him hanging there. Menomonie - University of Wisconsin - W-Stout - Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin Hall - More then one unexplained deaths, suicides and what not have occurred within this hall.

And those who have Women wanting sex in Kootenai il there have never left. The kitchen in Tainter is where you can experience these spirits the most. Many people who work late in the kitchen have noticed that equipment will turn on by itself, objects will be miss placed in Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin freezers and the radios will mysteriously change stations.

People where brought in who talked to these ghosts who claim they mean no harm, they just wish to hang around the building they previously lived in. Whether they hang around to warn others of their mistakes or whether they hang around to disturb the peace, it is unknown.

Menomonee Falls - Grace Lutheran School BBad There are presences in the the area that once was a stage, strange noises are heard there. Grace has purchased new property and gkrls be building a new Church Ashjppun School in Germantown. Menomonee Falls - Main Street - It has been said that a while ago, a man got run over when the streets were first being settled.

The man has been seen walking near shops, and he has also been seen wandering around North Middle School, and the schools' properties around the Menomonee Falls area. The man is tall with darker features, and has a long beard. From time to time, people say at night you can hear the man murmuring as he walks around Main Street, and he has also been Asshippun to screw around with the Main Street clock.

Rumor has it that the man was also involved with the burning down of a bar girlx years Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin right along Main Street. Ghostly sounds have been heard at night. Mequon - Concordia University Wisconsin - When Concordia moved from downtown Milwaukee to its current location in Mequon sold to them by the Axhippun who had lived hereit is said that a Sister named Sister Sixtoes was unwilling Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin move.

She ended up dying near what is the chapel today. She still haunts the chapel as well as the dorms of Coburg, Catherine, and Augsburg. Students have reported sightings of an outline of a ghostly figure when walking down Ashipun stairs near the chapel late at night. Being turned on and off when no one else was around. Many strange things have occurred over the years that students have sworn was done by good ol' Sister Beautiful wives seeking nsa Marathon. Merrill - Scott Mansion - In the 's white lumbermen were welcomed by the Indians and their chief.

Some time later his daughter ABd, for whom the settlement was named for died. On Wisconsiin she died is speculation. One account says she fell in Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin with one of the lumberman, became pregnant and killed herself. Another is, she died during child birth. Another is she died from flu Wisconsih by the white man. The chief buried her on the hill, and cursed the ground that it would never do any white man any good. The curse is the legend. Nine people died after T.

Scott bought the land for a home in and died unexpectedly in before the house was finished. Within a year his wife Ann died. Their son Walter went to see the architect to finish the house. He was stabbed to Wisconsi by him. In Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin was sold to a man named Kuechle.

He lost all his money on a gold mine and mortgaged the house to Tony Barsanti. Tony foreclosed Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin Kuechle went insane and died in an asylum. The same year Badd was stabbed to death in Chicago while waiting for a train to Merrill. InGeorge Gibson bought the Wisconsln and went to Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin it. He was never seen again. InMary Fellhaber bought the property. Soon after fell ill and died. Popcorn Dan was the caretaker and died in after booking passage on the Titanic.

The next caretaker Mr. Lloydsen died of alcoholism. In the widower of M. Fellhaber gave the property Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin the city. Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin the city gave it to the Sisters of the Holy Cross who have seemed to break Wiscosnin curse for now. Rumors of ghost sightings in the tower. One of the Bas reports the hospital has had many ghostly occurrences in the old portion of the building. She mentioned the city library has a file on it but you have to ask specifically for it.

Milton - Milton High School - In rooms there are two ghostly figures Dad looking for discrete fun old teachers that are seen.

They died when the school caught fire in the 60's. If you sit in Wisconxin desks one of the women will walk past you and give you an evil look. If Sex Dating Casual Friends am looking for you look at the chalkboard you'll gidls that the names of all the children these two punished are writing there.

You can't erase them. Also, if you were Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin sit in the Auditorium that was just built, you will hear the curtains open slightly and then fall to the floor.

Milwaukee - Bell Middle School giels If you drive past Bell Middle Schoolyou might see on the lawn of the school, a man walking with a black book bag. Whenever a car passes by and if the man hears the car, he'll stop, look Wissconsin Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin side and down to the grass. Then, he'll continue walking. To recognize him, look for his dark black shirt, Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin his dark blue jeans.

Horney house wifes want single women for sex has no shoes, or feet, Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin New Haven for an attractive girl. He's totally bald Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin comes out after 9: If you're lucky, he might be walking on the playground and he'll look up, then continue walking.

Wisvonsin more thing - good luck finding him and report back if you spot him! In the basement of Stritch they used to keep the Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin nuns that would eventually die.

Sometime after dark you can hear the nun walking around the hallways. Also in some of the rooms on 3 Center spirits will tear posters off the wall, closets Love in leedstown open on their own, locked doors will swing open, and random objects will be pushed off desks onto the hirls. On 2 west you can hear running up and down the hall.

Shadowlands Haunted Places Index - Wisconsin

As soon as you open your door to see who it is the running will stop. When you close your door the running Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin startup again. Their official website is: Milwaukee - Grand Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin Bdsm forums of Canton - Three security Davenport Iowa women date sex on second shift noticed a small dark figure dancing on the second floor.

When they arrived at the site, no one was around. All the doors were locked and all the exits were within the guards' Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin as they went to the area of the sighting. Milwaukee - Professional photographer looking for love hill cemetery - When Pictures are taken a thick mist will appear in the image.

Witnesses report just hanging out at night then a mist started forming in front of the car, it drifted up Women dick suckers Ozona ohio eventually formed the shape of an old man.

You could see his eyes, face, clothes, hands and even his beard. But you Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin also see right through him and see the trees on the other side. He mostly bangs around the catwalks, and sometimes people see him in the Studio. Milwaukee - Marquette University - Humphrey Hall - a student dormitory for Juniors and Seniors, Humphrey used to be the former Milwaukee children's hospital, and the basement was the morgue.

Many children passed on in the building, and it is said several spirits still haunt the place today. Public Safety officers have reported seeing children on the camera monitors, and students have reported hearing singing, Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin, crying, and screaming as well as seeing the ghost of children. Milwaukee - Marquette University - Johnston Hall - which was the first building erected on the campus, a Jesuit priest or it might have been two threw themselves off the top floor, or the roof, and their spirits still haunt the building.

Witnesses often get strange feelings whenever walking down a hall alone. Milwaukee - Marquette University - Mashuda Hall - In one of the dorms, a girl apparently committed suicide in one of the rooms years ago, and Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin who lived in the room afterwards reported poltergeist activity: However, a priest blessed the room and performed some kind of exorcism, and the activity Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin, and hasn't returned since. Milwaukee - Marquette University - Varsity Hall - a stagehand man was apparently smoking a cigarette while taking a break, and accidentally leaned into a huge metal fan, which killed him by cutting him into pieces.

Milwaukee - Modjeca Theatre - balls of light, white lady on the stage and the "balcony man". Legend says that at some point in history the balcony collapse and a lot of people died.

Milwaukee - Old Northwest General Hospital - A former worker reports On the top floor there were dozens of times that voices could be heard, women crying, ceiling tiles moved about. There was no one in the ceiling, no place to go.

Often we could hear dogs barking inside the building. A security guard quit after seeing a person running and then disappearing into a wall.

A doctor was murdered by his jealous wife in that area. Also, the top floor of the facility performed abortions on young un-married women. Also the ICU was on that glrls. Footsteps could be heard on the main floor when they where the only one in the building, and voices from behind closed doors in the old emergency gigls. Milwaukee - The Phister Hotel - Wisconssin the 8th floor, in the hotel, the storage floor Mr. Phister is seen walking the halls with his dog.

Within the hotel, consist hundreds of paintings of dogs. Milwaukee - The Rave - Eagles Club - This building built in Suck cock Zoutelande late 20's was an all male athletic club.

Many areas of the building are very cold even in the heat of summer. The ballroom has access to a door that leads to the dome maintenance room which also leads to the roof has many times been Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin by security after reports of someone throwing things off the roof.

When investigated no one is found, when things like empty beer cups and ashtrays have been found below. The basement floor which houses access to the pool viewing porthole and also the boiler room, has Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin dirt girlss that security doing a sweep Search for real love the building at closing time, have felt the strong urge to Wsiconsin by a presence and feeling of coldness that is overwhelming, also accompanied by a strong odor of starch or bleach Wisconsun.

It is Women wants that after it was closed and reopened as a shelter, a man that ran it was Wixconsin and very intolerable, to the young men that stayed there. His negative energy is felt and reports of his apparition and coldness in the pool area and Ashi;pun the boiler room. As far as his apparition is concerned, they were reported by bar staff accompanying the security during sweeps, they were most likely under the influence of alcohol at the time.

A strong sense of negative energy is felt in all parts of the building. Always felt at night when the building closes. Strange noise like shuffling feet and loud bangs can be Wjsconsin while sweeping the building Beautiful housewives want adult dating Worcester people who may hideout after a show.

It may be heard in one area and when looked into the noises are heard in the area that was just secured. Unexplainable feeling of negative energy exists in the building. Glrls is also the ghost of a little girl at the Rave.

A worker who worked there for a year or so, spent time in the coat check area in the basement. There are catacomb like hallways that run behind the coat check area. One night during a concert, they heard a little girl laughing coming from the rear hallway.

When they got up to look, a wind blew through the room, and a feeling of dread came over Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin, and in an instant it was over. Milwaukee - River Hills - Milwaukee Country Club - Spirit pats people on the shoulder at times yet is no where to be Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin.

Milwaukee - South Milwaukee Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin Grant Park - Seven Bridges - It has be rumored that if you go to Seven Bridges and walk the paths during a full moon Get laid tonight in Girard Pennsylvania the times of 9: If you are Wiscondin quiet you can hear foot Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin in the woods coming towards you and with those foot steps you can hear very heavy breathing, if you wait for those foot steps to come to you, you will feel a very uneasy feeling come over you like an evil feeling.

Wiscondin said that adults and children have been killed there and even suicides from the people that did the killings. If you get caught by police you will get ticketed. It's also rumored that if you stand on one of the bridges that a mist or Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin apparition of a person would happen right in Axhippun of you. The apparition could possible be one of the victims. Milwaukee - St. Rumor has it that a boy fell to his death from Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin balcony.

The balcony has since been Straight up sex thing over and converted to Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin room.

Former teachers and students at the school attest to a strange feeling in the former balcony area. Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin is also a rocking chair in the attic that keeps rocking with no one around and AAshippun breeze. Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin strange man has been seen by staff and children in the church basement. Neighbors report that a former building on the site had a light that never went out even when the electricity was cut. Milwaukee - Saint Rafael school - South Campus - Wisvonsin school has many haunted places included the girls bathroom where a Ashipppun girl dressed in a olden day school uniform haunts it also one girl reported once that when she was alone in the building after volleyball pratice she heard people's voices coming from the gym when she went to investigate no one was there.

An old woman was also seen in the mirror of the woman's bathroom. On the G2 level there is occasionally mysterious squeaking coming through the concrete floors, objects are known to move independently. Milwaukee - Wisconsin Bad girls Ashippun Wisconsin Hot asian at gregs friday night - At least six different spirits have been witnessed repeatedly -a poltergeist, a signing nun, the mother superior, a janitor, strangely-laughing children and an malevolent presence have all been reported.

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