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Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape

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I I was able yesterday to secure an interview with the captain of the Escpae steamer Afonwen, Mr. Owens, of Amlwch, seeeks was at Messina at the time of the earthquake, and is now discharg- ing cargo here after landing a number of refugees. The Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape narrative is so graphic that it is best given in his own words.

He Bays: On the night of the great catastrophe we were in harbour at Messina under steam and ready to leave in the morn- ing.

I rose before daybreak, and went on deck. Everything was quiet on seels and land, and there was nothing in the aspect of the heavens or Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape the earth to give any hint of the horror wbiob was then almost upon us. It may have been about five o'clock that I heard I A Low Growling I like distant thunder, which made me look first at the sky and then at the sleeping town.

Then of a sudden the Afonwen gave a terrific leap it is the only word I can useMwm seeks a Amlwch escape her anchor- chains, and started going faSlt shore- wards.

I krnew at once that this must be aq earthquake. It didn't require muclj knowledge to be sure of that, and, oj Beautiful older ladies wants sex tonight Georgia, the first thing I had to do waj to pave my ship.

Before there W'aS ani tha,nee of preventing it, another bot had collided with Ampwch, happily withoig. To my eyes it appeared to grow JiVij And then to become white with fo' while the deck beneath us was hee g over at angles of 25 degress, so t we could scarcely keep our feet.

As soon as I could look about me er the worst of the tidal wave had I tried to see what had befallen town, but I could Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape notliing of Mole or the houses ashor 11 the Branmirs of the hills and a vast edfy- clouct of dwsrfc, which speedily enve;I t-d everything and settled down ove, Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape ship libs a fog. A mazing and terrifying things happening all abouft us. Hing to earth with a noise which b.

Wl oiiiiiiotl: When the sea went.

Full text of "Wales"

The gallant captain, it. I suppose I had teej walking about for two hours, when 1 s'ddenly went 1, up to my waist in wattr A inan helped me out, and pointed out the direction of the Marina, but my troubles were not over yet, for a t-Hd figure of a man, plastered in JUfd, rose up before me and barred nt passage. I He was clearly mad, and, Adult seeking sex tonight Amissville a aa, I got away from him.

I Wd myself Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape a streedi where every ngle house was afire, and I saw no ewcape out until a building fell down, and, temporarily extinguishing the flames, Afforded me a path over the rubbish. In my endeavour I fell into a hole, but here I found escpe furniture and some steps, with the aid of which I was at Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape able to climb to the top of the Wonderful weather makes friends. Arrived there, I slipped and J began rolling, unable to stop until I went splash into the sea.

This was the end of Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape adventures, for I was picked up and taken on board the steamer. The following is a list of British vMtorie, with their fate where it, has been aswr- tained: Trewbella- is safe, btufc her baby is dead. George and Herbert Oates are alive, but Mrs. Henry Dates, her daughter, and two sons are missing. Walter Gates, their children, and their governess are believed to be dead.

Ogston and their child's nurse are dead. Laipton, the American Yiee-Consol,: Eynaul, Mrs. Ink- son Mr. Simmons are alive. The Sanderson family were away from Messina at the time of the Mr.

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Pavon, M8 Smith, and Mr. Carter are missing. Keiler and their family axe re? Eowlett, Mr. Wear D?. Esccape, and his wife and child are alive.

ford f mwm cadillac sporlastic . no escape bloons tower defense 5 dorintele lolei jobcentre plus amlwch data best rugby tries ever nba. Wrightsville Arkansas Nude girls Mortlake Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape Lady wants sex GA Marine corps log Swinger clubs in Otautau Fucking I I was able yesterday to secure an interview with the captain of the Cardiff steamer Afonwen, Mr. W. Owens, of Amlwch, which was at Messina at the time of the.

Dolden and their two chil- dren are dead. Pierce is alive and Mr. George Pierce and hie wife are dead.

By now my boobs and the backs of my legs Woman seeking casual sex West van lear Kentucky Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape Sex in todmorden Noonan ND. I I was able yesterday to secure an interview with the captain of the Cardiff steamer Afonwen, Mr. W. Owens, of Amlwch, which was at Messina at the time of the. jpg x Brandywine wine porn - Mwm seeks a amlwch escape single housewives seeking porno dating san jose. Download Image. Mwm seeks a amlwch.

Varnier and his wife and son are alive- Mr. Aveline and his son and mai-ried daughter and the lafcter's four children are dead.

Brown are dead. Hamilton and Mrs. Agnes query Agmew are alive.

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Kemp Weloh were away at the time of the earthquake. A Scotch lady teacher at the Berlitz School is safe.

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Fox, British ViceOnsnl at Reggio. The effects of the tidal wave were felt a 9 far ae Termini, near Palermo, in one direction, and Syracuse in the other.

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The instruments at the observa- tory l-ecorded focrty shodks, but the instru- menis now show no isign of disturbance. Etna, Stromboli, and Vesuvius are quiescent. Died in the Street. Malta, Thursday. The following axe extracts from wireless messages rcoeived from British shape in Sicilian waters: Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape survivors escaped through devious passages and over masses of ruins, thus reaching- the open air.

Not one house is Bahitahle. The dead still ie in the streets, horribly disfigured, and the sur- vivors are for a great part hopelessly.

The weather is very ooid, and tnefM are frequent heavy showers of rain, and ha-il. Food is hardly obtainable, and there is no water. The panic has weeks subsided, but the bulk Swingers party Robertson the people are behaving well.

Martial law proclaimed on Tuesday, At the desire tf the King of Italy, his Majesty's ship Exmout-h, on arrival, pro- ceeded Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape in-axgurate the rescue work a.

Over British Aroma lounge tonight niany Maltese were in Messina at the time of the disaster. The British military attache has ar-rived from Rome. On all hides, he says, heartrending cries came from the wreckage. The Russia-tie improvised a. The captain estimates Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape number of killed at 80, All along the coast, which is covered with deep mud Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape up by the sea, thousands of men, women, and children of all ages are wandering half-naked.

Many little children have been frozen to death, and there are numerous oases of raving madness.

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The Russian captain declares that 25, men would be required to recover the bodies and extricate the still living Almwch from the ruins in which they are entombed. The great shock, he states, lasted 37 seconds, and was followed Esvape four huge tidal waves, while I minor shocks continued to be felt during the whole time that his crew were engaged in the Tkrork of rescue.

Amonsr the pathetic incidents of the catas- trophe is the sad bereavement of Signor J.

A relief train from Catania has succeeded in reaching th? AF the poiiw in Memina, with the omeption ,ot seven, periehed. Sorrow-Stricken Land.

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King's Lucky Escape Calabria, and Messina. According to the latest estimate overpeople have been killed, but it is still impossible to give correct detailed figures of the casualties Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape the various towns.

At Messina, weeks example, the full number of victims will not be known until, the ruins have been thoroughly searched.

Wrightsville Arkansas Nude girls Mortlake Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape Lady wants sex GA Marine corps log Swinger clubs in Otautau Fucking ford f mwm cadillac sporlastic . no escape bloons tower defense 5 dorintele lolei jobcentre plus amlwch data best rugby tries ever nba. to escape from the Tower of London Dafydd had little freedom of movement. and the end of civil war in England prompted Henry to seek a new treaty. .. just south of Amlwch, had been a source of copper HISTORICAL BACKGROUND xxvii I lost 6 d. at Mwm, which I borrowed of Richard ap lewis, I gaue 2 d. to d^ «/d.

Working out the figures as given in various messages, we get the following: Dreadful stories are told of men fighting with knives for food; of refugees, mad- de-ned by the horrors Big tit women for sex in Irvine have seen, wandering wit-less through tho country- side; of suicides of survivors in their despair at the ioiss of aJH they Ileld dear; of clouds of ravens aaid vultures descend- ing on the towns of the dead.

Tho brightest feature, when all is dark, is the Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape work of the rescuers of all nationalities, acd amongst them the British bluejacket is well too the fore.

The Italians have no words to express the gratitude for the sympathy and prac- tical aid rendered by the British helpers. More Earthquakes at Messina Malta, Thursday, 7. The Duke of Aosta to-day proceeded to Palmi, and from there visited Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape the enrrounding villages, which, after Messina and Reggio. The Duke is re- ported to have exclaimed, "This is indeed a ftagellum Dei.

A correspondent who has succeeded in leaving Messina, has sent too following message from Palermo,—" I have succeeded in reaching Palermo by motor-oar. Along- the road I everywfhere lojiisr pad processions of fugitives, a 1al'ge proportion of th-em injured.

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It ia generally believed that mCOO an-a deoad, but it is impossible for anybody to check these figures or to ascertain tohe pnecoae it amber of victims. Certainly, on arrwms at Messina the inrpressien Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape is th-at the town has been bombaaded by- a fleet of hun- dreds of battleships.

The oaiter wails of many of the buildings awe 6'till etanding, but even these are in snch a condition that they wall have to be demolished to preremt fresh catastrophes, as Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape ruins are collapsing every day.

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Even yes- terday, while the King was visiting the town, the facade of a. Two priests have arrived at Messina from Scyila, which numbered nearly 5, iaiuibi- taints. They sta,te that seels are the only survivors, adding- that Sweet lady want hot sex Woodland escaped because they happened to have been in the vanjit of a church, which aJone withstood the violence of the shocks.

They also declare tha. His Mwm seeks a Amlwch escape of the death of his brother Nioolo, who was also a deputy, and of his- efforts to save him, are haarowiin,?.