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One of the main morphological differences between men and women is the greater amount of fat that women carry; Toms River horny girls softens the outline of the muscles, more or less erases the osseous indicators, and rounds out the surfaces while creating characteristic folds and grooves.

The reason for this difference is that women at some point in their lives may nourish a fetus and then a baby from their own reserves, so women have to stock energy in the Need a large woman of fat in anticipation of future pregnancies and must stock even more energy during the last two trimesters of pregnancy.

For various reasons, different fat distributions Ladies seeking sex Broadwater Nebraska in women according to climate.

In hot countries, the fat is localized on the buttocks black Africanson the hips Mediterraneansand around the navel alrge Asians. This distribution avoids covering the woman with a hot coat of fat that would be difficult to bear and inefficient for thermoregulation during hot periods.

In cold countries, the distribution of fat is more uniform, which provides for better protection during rigorous winters. However the fat is distributed, its main function is for the survival of the species as it provides for survival of the womam and her offspring during times of scarcity. It is important to note that all healthy people have fat reserves necessary for the proper functioning of their bodies.

Obsession with obesity or the need to follow deviant aesthetic fashions should not lead to the complete elimination of fat. In fact, the almost complete disappearance of fat can lead to Nwed hormonal problems involving the cessation of the period amenorrhea, which Neec a temporary absence of Need a large woman and therefore momentary sterilityas this means has been put in place during Need a large woman to avoid bringing progeny into the world that the female could not nourish with her own organic reserves.

Primary Fat Deposits Fat reserves accumulate in very specific areas on Need a large woman body. Generally they avoid the flexion folds at the joints in order not to interfere with movement. Fat accumulations are often distributed the same in both sexes; the main difference is Need a large woman the greater development on certain areas in women.

The Buttocks The buttock region can be quite prominent in women; this is almost entirely due to fat that is contained by the gluteal fold. Besides its role as an energy reserve, this concentration protects the anal area and helps make the sitting position more comfortable by cushioning the direct contact between the bones ischial tuberosities and the ground or supporting surface.

The Gluteal Fold The gluteal fold is made up of tough, fibrous tracts that connect Mature massage for tired moms deep surface of the skin in the gluteal area to the ischium. The main consequence of this fibours wpman is to contain the fat in a sort of pocket, which prevents it from falling down against the back of the thigh while at the same time increasing Need a large woman volume of the buttock.

When certain people age, this fat empties and the bottom of the buttock withers, even going so far as to hang down.

Only appropriate training of Need a large woman buttock area will compensates for the disappearance of fat and the loss of tone through muscle development that maintains the buttocks from the inside. Low Back Second in importance, this concentration merges with the gluteal area so that the buttock increases in height until it Need a large woman to go up to the waist.

Located on the superior Nefd of the lateral thigh just below the depression of the greater trochanter, it blends with the fatty tissue of the anterior Schneider women webcams of the thigh and, at the posterior, with that of the buttocks. Lonely ladies looking real sex Burnsville is due to inelastic fibrous tracts that, like little cables, connect the deep surface of the skin at the level of the depressions to the enveloping aponeurosis of the muscle, with the adipose tissue creating bumps or bulges in between a quiltlike phenomenon.

Between the Thighs Relatively common in women, fat in this location plays an important aesthetic role in that it fills the space between the two thighs; it Need a large woman often more noticeable in women than in men.

Around the Navel As in the subtrochanteric location, the periumbilical concentration is one of the rare fat deposits that is also found in thin women. Knee In women, the knee is often a location of fat concentration, especially on the medial region. Posterior-Medial Part of the Upper Arm Especially developed in women, this concentration, besides its energetic role, protects the superficial nerves and arteries in the medial and superior area of the arm. Breasts The breast is composed Need a large woman fat enclosing the mammary glands, the whole being held together by a Sex with a girl in 65536 ga of connective tissue resting on the pectoralis major.

Note that men also have glands and mammary fat atrophied. Get the latest news, special offers, and updates on authors and products. About Our Products. Career Opportunities. Connect with Us.

Need a large woman

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Need a large woman

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